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This article is about the father of Éomer and Éowyn. For the the Captain of the Éothéod, see Éomund (Captain of the Éothéod).
Biographical Information
PositionFirst Marshal of the Mark
DeathT.A. 3002
ParentageUnknown, ancestor of Eofor
ChildrenÉomer and Éowyn
Physical Description

Éomund was the Marshal of the Mark.


Éomund was a descendant of Eofor, and dwelt in Aldburg.[1] He married Théodwyn, the sister of the later King Théoden — their children were Éomer and Éowyn, who were each to play a great part in the War of the Ring. Éomund himself was slain in battle with Orcs in the Emyn Muil in T.A. 3002. Théodwyn died of grief shortly after, and their children were raised by Théoden.[2]


The name Éomund consist of Old English eoh ("war-horse, charger") + mund ("protector").[3]


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