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Biographical Information
LocationEmerië, Númenor
BirthBefore S.A. 873[note 1]
Physical Description

Îbal, the son of Ulbar, lived on a farm in Emerië in Númenor, not far from the White House of Erendis. In the summer of S.A. 880 Îbal came to the house upon an errand and met Ancalimë, who thought him a noisy thing. His visit prompted Ancalimë to ask questions of Zamîn, one of Princess Erendis' servants, which led the girl to ask her mother for the first time about her father.

In 882 when Prince Aldarion returned from a voyage he came upon a homecoming party that Ulbar’s wife had arranged to welcome her returned husband. When the Great Captain (as Aldarion was known) was spotted, Îbal eagerly asked him how old a man had to be to go to sea in a ship. But Aldarion's mood was bitter at the contrast between this festival and the welcoming he had received, so he told the boy, "As old as the hills, and with no other hope in life."[1]


Îbal's name appears to be Adûnaic, but of unknown definition.


  1. Îbal was older than Ancalimë, according to the story "Aldarion and Erendis".


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