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{{Thorin and Company}}

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This article is about the Dwarf in The Hobbit. For the the King of Durin's Folk, see Óin (Son of Glóin).
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Physical Description
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Óin (Third Age 2774 - 2994, 223 years old) was the son of Gróin and older brother of Glóin, one of the Dwarves of the following of Thorin II Oakenshield who reclaimed Erebor from Smaug. He, along with his brother, was noted for his ability to start fires.[1]

He later travelled to Moria with Balin, and was lost in the ill-fated attempt to reoccupy Khazad-dûm. Óin went to seek the upper armouries of the Third Deep and also went to the Hollin gate, where he was taken by the Watcher in the Water.



Portrayal in Adaptations

1968: The Hobbit (1968 radio series):

Óin is played by Rolf Lefebvre.

1977: The Hobbit (1977 film):

No actor is specified for the role of Óin.

1979: The Hobbit (1979 radio series):

No actor is specified for the role of Óin.

1982: The Hobbit (1982 video game):

Óin is omitted; Thorin is the only companion of the player, Bilbo Baggins.[2]

2003: The Hobbit (2003 video game):

No actor is credited for the role of Óin.

2012-3: The Hobbit films:

Óin will be played by John Callen.


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