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Öjevind Lång

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The Swedish edition of The Children of Húrin

Öjevind Lång (1948 - 8 August 2011[1]) was a Swedish translator of more than 80 books.[2]

Húrins barn, Lång's translation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Children of Húrin was published in September 2007 by Norstedts. It was generally received as a good translation among Swedish Tolkien fans, although not without faults: the most prominent mistake was perhaps the conceptual separation between Ered Lindon and Ered Luin.[note 1][3]


  1. The Swedish translation has "Blå bergen Den stora bergskedjan (uppdelad i Ered Luin och Ered Lindon) mellan Beleriand och Eriador under äldre tiden." (p. 299). A direct English translation of Lang's sentence would be "Blue Mountains The great mountain chain (divided into [sic] Ered Luin and Ered Lindon) between Beleriand and Eriador in the Elder Days.", while the original has "Blue Mountains The great mountain chain (called Ered Luin and Ered Lindon) between Beleriand and Eriador in the Elder Days." (p. 298).


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