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When [[Túrin]] was led to [[Nargothrond]] by [[Gwindor]], he wished to conceal his identity and so escape the curse of [[Morgoth]] on his kin, if he could. So, he took a new name, [[Agarwaen]] son of [[Úmarth]], from the [[Sindarin]] words for 'blood-stained' and 'ill-fate'.
'''Úmarth''' means "ill-fate" in [[Sindarin]]
His identity did not remain hidden for long. Gwindor revealed to [[Finduilas]] that 'Agarwaen' was in fact Túrin, and 'Úmarth' his famous father [[Húrin]]. When news of this reached Finduilas' father King [[Orodreth]], Túrin was given great honour and standing, but the revelation of Túrin's identity would also bring home Morgoth's curse. Using his new authority, Túrin caused the [[Elves of Nargothrond]] to abandon their policy of secrecy, and instead go into open battle - a decision that would eventually lead to their destruction.
Obviously negative prefix ''[[ú-]]'' and ''[[amarth]]'' "fate".
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*[[Quenya]] ''[[Umbar]]''
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Úmarth means "ill-fate" in Sindarin


Obviously negative prefix ú- and amarth "fate".