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25 September

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Events that occurred on 25 September.

[edit] On Earth

[edit] In Arda

  • T.A. 3018:
    • The hobbits have breakfast with bread, fruit and drinks the High Elves left for them. Frodo decides to continue to Bucklebury by cutting through Green Hill Country and the Marish.[1]
    • They are blocked by the Stock-brook, until they see a Black Rider for a third time, behind them; they are forced to dive into the bushes by the bank and continue their way along it.[1]
    • They wade the stream and run into a wood; rain falls over the Marish. At mid-day they have a lunch beside a sheltered elm. Their rest is disturbed by hearing two evil cries from the distance.[1]
    • Around the same time a Black Rider interrogates Farmer Maggot about "Baggins", but he doesn't cooperate.[1]
    • Leaving the wood, the hobbits see that they have turned too much to the south; adjusting their course to the Bucklebury Ferry, they reach a turnip field outside Maggot's estates in the afternoon.[1]
    • After a dinner, Maggot takes the hobbits with his waggon to the Ferry. They meet Merry looking for them.[1]
    • They reach Crickhollow in the night. Frodo reveals them his plans but they are already known. In the night he dreams about the trees of the Old Forest.[2]
    • Gandalf hurries towards The Shire on Shadowfax.
    • Boromir travels towards Rivendell to ask for counsel.


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