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*[[Quenya]]: ''am-'' ("up", prefix); ''[[amba]]'' ("up(wards)", adverb); ''amban'' ("upward slope, hill-side")
*[[Quenya]]: ''am-'' ("up", prefix); ''[[amba]]'' ("up(wards)", adverb); ''amban'' ("upward slope, hill-side")
*[[Noldorin]] ([[Sindarin]]): ''[[am]]'' ("up"); ''am-bend'', ''amben'' ("uphill"); ''[[amon]]'' ("hill"); ''am-rûn'' ("uprising, sunrise"; hence Quenya ''ambaron'', "Orient" [cf. ''[[Ambaróna]]''])
*[[Noldorin]] ([[Sindarin]]): ''[[am]]'' ("up"); ''am-bend'', ''amben'' ("uphill"); ''[[amon]]'' ("hill"); ''[[Amrûn|am-rûn]]'' ("uprising, sunrise"; hence Quenya ''ambaron'', "Orient" [cf. ''[[Ambaróna]]''])

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AM- is an Elvish root, with two different meanings.[1]


Meaning: "mother"


Meaning: "up" (usually in form amba-)

  • Quenya: am- ("up", prefix); amba ("up(wards)", adverb); amban ("upward slope, hill-side")
  • Noldorin (Sindarin): am ("up"); am-bend, amben ("uphill"); amon ("hill"); am-rûn ("uprising, sunrise"; hence Quenya ambaron, "Orient" [cf. Ambaróna])


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