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*[[Quenya]] ''[[ar]]''
*[[Quenya]] ''[[ar#Quenya|ar]]''
*[[Sindarin]] ''[[ar-]]''
*[[Sindarin]] ''[[ar#Sindarin|ar-]]''
==Other versions of the legendarium==
==Other versions of the legendarium==

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AR is an Elvish root meaning "beyond, further than".[1][2]

[edit] Derivatives

[edit] Other versions of the legendarium

In the Etymologies there are two homophonus roots: AR1 is a root which signifies "day" and it seems to have been redefined by Tolkien (cf. AS); the root AR2 has no exact signification although its derivatives relate to "outsideness"; the general sense seems to be somewhat retained for the root AR as given in Eldarin Roots and Stems).[3]


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