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*[[Quenya]]: ''ata'' ("again"); ''at-'' ("back, again, re-")<ref name=Ety349/>
*[[Quenya]]: ''[[ata]]'' ("again"); ''[[at-]]'' ("back, again, re-")<ref name=Ety349/>
*[[Noldorin]] ([[Sindarin]]): ''ad-''<ref name=Ety349/><ref>{{VT|45}}, p. 6</ref>
*[[Noldorin]] ([[Sindarin]]): ''[[ad-]]''<ref name=Ety349/><ref>{{VT|45a}}, p. 6</ref>
*Root [[AT-TA]] ("[number] 2")<ref name=Elda/>
*Root [[AT-TA]] ("[number] 2")<ref name=Elda/>

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AT or AT(AT) is an Elvish root signifying "back, again". AT(A) signifies "re-".[1][2]

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