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'''AYA(R)''' is a [[Primitive Quendian]] [[Sundocarme|root]] signifying "sea".<ref>{{PE|Eldarin}}, p. 149</ref>
'''AYA(R)''' is a [[Primitive Quendian]] [[Sundocarme|root]] signifying "sea".<ref>{{PE|Eldarin}}, p. 149 (form appearing as "√AYA(R)")</ref>
==Other versions of the Lengedarium==
==Other versions of the Lengedarium==

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AYA(R) is a Primitive Quendian root signifying "sea".[1]

Other versions of the Lengedarium

In the Etymologies appears the root ÁYAR-, AIR- (with an inverted breve below on the "I") signifying "sea, only used of the inner seas of Middle-earth", derived from root AY-. The root yields the Quenya derivatives ear (earen), aire (airen), and Noldorin oear, oer.[2][3]

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