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A Long-Expected Party: MECCG Sites and Scenarios

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A Long-Expected Party: MECCG Sites & Scenarios
MECCG Sites and Scenarios.png
AuthorSteven J. Arensberg
PublisherIron Crown Enterprises

A Long-Expected Party: MECCG Sites and Scenarios is a source-book for the MECCG. It features cover art by Ted Nasmith and a color map of Eriador by Jo Hartwig.

  • Stock Number: #3343
  • Cover Price: $10.00

[edit] From the publisher

Dare to enter the Witch-king's most protected citadels and bring their secrets back to the beleaguered Dúnedain of Arthedain. Protect the Shire through the deadly hazards of the Long Winter and the wolves, Orcs, and Trolls who roam its blizzards. Collect magical toys and fabulous fireworks so that Bilbo can throw his birthday bash. The Long-Expected Party provides new sites and scenarios for the casual MECCG player with fun and entertainment as his or her goal. The book features 4 exciting scenarios, a short narrative giving background info for the scenarios, and a color map of Eriador with a border depicting 16 new site cards.