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{{disambig-two|an illustrated notebook|journal from [[Tolkien Society of America]]|[[Tolkien Journal]]}}
{{disambig-two|an illustrated notebook|journal from the [[Tolkien Society of America]]|[[Tolkien Journal]]}}
| title=The Tolkien Journal
| title=The Tolkien Journal

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This article is about an illustrated notebook. For the journal from the Tolkien Society of America, see Tolkien Journal.
The Tolkien Journal
IllustratorMichael Green
PublisherRunning Press
Released10 July 2012

The Tolkien Journal, intended to be used as a notebook, features illustrations inspired by Middle-earth on blank pages.

From the publisher

Aspiring writers and Tolkien fans everywhere will be inspired by this fantastical journal. Harkening back to a time of quills and parchment in the magical world of Middle-Earth, A Tolkien Journal is the preferred means for a Halfling to record his thoughts and adventures. Now available to humans and with amazing half-tone illustrations on nearly every page, A Tolkien Journal is the perfect enchantment for your writings and musings.[1]

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