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A Tolkien Journal

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{{DEFAULTSORT:Tolkien Journal, A}}
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[[Category:Art books]]
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[[Category:Publications by title]]

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This article is about an illustrated notebook. For the journal from the Tolkien Society of America, see Tolkien Journal.
A Tolkien Journal
A Tolkien Journal.jpg
IllustratorMichael Green
PublisherRunning Press
Released10 July 2012

A Tolkien Journal, intended to be used as a notebook, features illustrations inspired by Middle-earth on blank pages.

From the publisher

Aspiring writers and Tolkien fans everywhere will be inspired by this fantastical journal. Harkening back to a time of quills and parchment in the magical world of Middle-Earth, A Tolkien Journal is the preferred means for a Halfling to record his thoughts and adventures. Now available to humans and with amazing half-tone illustrations on nearly every page, A Tolkien Journal is the perfect enchantment for your writings and musings.[1]

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