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Adalgrim Took

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Adalgrim Took
Biographical Information
LocationGreat Smials
BirthS.R. 1280
DeathS.R. 1382
ParentageHildigrim Took
and Rosa Baggins
Physical Description
Adalgrim Took was the only son and child of Hildigrim Took and Rosa Baggins, being born in S.R. 1280. Through both his mother's and his father's sides of the family he was related to both Bilbo and Frodo, in particular, he was Bilbo's first cousin.

Adalgrim had five children - of which four were daughters - with an unknown wife. We only know the names of the youngest two of his children: Paladin and Esmeralda, who were born in 1333 and 1336 respectively. As such, Adalgrim was also the grandfather of both Pippin and Merry.

Adalgrim never became Thain himself, but his heirs were to become succeed to the Thainship starting with Paladin. Paladin II became Thain in 1415 after his second cousin Thain Ferumbras died without heir, thirty-three years after Adalgrim's death. Adalgrim died in 1382 at the age of 102.


The Old Took
1190 - 1320
Adamanta Chubb
Ponto Baggins
1216 - 1311
Mimosa Bunce
Isengrim III
1232 - 1330
Isumbras IV
1238 - 1339
1240 - 1341
Rosa Baggins
1256 - unknown
Fortinbras II
1278 - 1380
1280 - 1382
Ferumbras III
1316 - 1415
3 daughters
Paladin II
1333 - 1434
1336 - unknown
1375 - unknown
1379 - unknown
1385 - unknown
Peregrin I
1390 - 1484+
1382 - 1484+


Adalgrim comes from the Germanic elements adal meaning "noble" and grim meaning "fierce.