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Adam Tolkien

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* [ Interview with Adam Tolkien]
* [ Interview with Adam Tolkien]
* [ "On The Children of Húrin" By Adam Tolkien ]
* [ "On The Children of Húrin" By Adam Tolkien ]
[[Category:Tolkien Family]]
[[Category:Tolkien Family|Tolkien, Adam]]

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Adam Tolkien (born 1969) is the son of Christopher Tolkien, brother to Rachel Tolkien and half brother to Simon Tolkien. He is a lighting engineer by profession, but has also translated into French several works of his grandfather: Pictures by J.R.R. Tolkien (1994), The Book of Lost Tales 1 (1995), and The Book of Lost Tales 2 (1998). In the preface to The Children of Húrin he is also credited as having helped his father edit his grandfather's notes.

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