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The word '''''aeglos''''' means "Snowthorn" or "icicle" in [[Sindarin]].
'''''Aeglos''''', or '''''aiglos''''', means "Snowthorn" or "icicle" in [[Sindarin]] (from ''[[aeg]]'', "point" and ''[[los]]'', "snow") and may refer to:
* ''[[aeglos (plant)|aeglos]]'', a plant common to [[West Beleriand]]
* [[Aeglos (spear)|Aeglos]], the spear of [[Gil-galad]]
* [[Aeglos (plant)|Aeglos]], a plant common to [[West Beleriand]].
* '''[[Aeglos (spear)|Aeglos]], the spear of [[Gil-galad|Ereinion Gil-galad]].'''
== References ==
* ''[[The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth]]'' by [[Ruth S. Noel]]
* ''[[Aiglos (journal)]]'', the biannual journal of the [[Sekcja Tolkienowska ŚKF|Polish Tolkien Society]].
* [ Hiswelókë's Sindarin Dictionary] compiled by [[Didier Willis]]
[[Category: Sindarin nouns]]

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Aeglos, or aiglos, means "Snowthorn" or "icicle" in Sindarin (from aeg, "point" and los, "snow") and may refer to:



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