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Biographical Information
Other namesAmbaráto (Q, fn), Aikanáro (Q, mn)
LanguageQuenya and Sindarin
Birthbetween Y.T. 1300 & 1362[note 1]
DeathF.A. 455 (aged between 1,777 & 2,371[note 2])
Dorthonion; Dagor Bragollach
HouseHouse of Finarfin
ParentageFinarfin & Eärwen
SiblingsFinrod, Angrod and Galadriel
SpouseLoved Andreth; never married
Physical Description
Hair colorGolden
GalleryImages of Aegnor

Aegnor (S, pron. [ˈa͡ɛɡnor]) was a son of Finarfin and a Lord of the Noldor. He was terrible in battle, seemingly having a fire in his eyes[1], and his golden hair was stiff and straight. Even at a young age this was noticeable, though he was also known to be a very generous and noble spirit.



Aegnor was the elder brother of Galadriel and the younger brother of Finrod Felagund and Angrod. He followed the Exiles under the host of Fingolfin with his brother Angrod, because of his friendship with Fingon.

He settled with his brother on the northern slopes of Dorthonion, where, in the reflection of Aeluin, he saw young Andreth and they fell in love with each other. However he could not return her love during the Siege of Angband, since according to the law of the Eldar, no marriages happen during time of war. It is said that because of her sake, he would not take any Elven bride.

Together with Angrod he held the highlands of Dorthonion against Morgoth. Aegnor and Angrod were both slain in the Dagor Bragollach by the flames from Thangorodrim.

It was partially his death that brought about the memorable conversation titled Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth.


Aegnor's mother-name was Aikanáro (pron. [ˌa͡ɪkaˈnaːro]), meaning "Fell Fire" in Quenya (from aica = "fell, dire", nár = "fire", and -o = pronominal suffix).

Like many mother-names, his name was prophetic, a reference to his valiance in battle. His father-name was Ambaráto (pron. [ˌambaˈraːto]), meaning "Champion of Doom" (from ambar = "doom" and aráto = "champion"). Aegnor is the Sindarin version of his mother-name.


Gil-galad, last
High King
of the Noldor

Other Versions of the Legendarium

In such early writings as the Lay of Leithian, the precursor of Aegnor was called Egnor, and he was one of the sons of Finrod who fell during the Siege of Angband.[2][3]

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  2. Years of the Sun. Each Year of the Tree is equal to 9.582 Years of the Sun, and the Years of the Trees ended in the year 1500. So, 455 + 9.582 x 138 = 1,777; 455 + 9.582 x 200 = 2,371.


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