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Physical Description
LocationEastern Dorthonion, southwest of Ladros
InhabitantsBarahir's outlaws
DescriptionA lake of clear waters with wild heaths about it
General Information
Other namesTarn Aeluin

Aeluin, sometimes referred to as Tarn Aeluin,[1] was a clear blue mountain lake in the highlands of Dorthonion, southwest of Ladros.[2] It was said to have been hallowed by Melian the Maia.[1]

There Aegnor saw the reflection of Andreth and fell in love with her.[3]

Barahir's Outlaw Band hid from Morgoth's forces after the Dagor Bragollach and made their lair at Aeluin. There they remained hidden until betrayed by Gorlim.[1]


Aeluin means "Blue Lake" in Sindarin (from ael = "lake, pool" and luin = "blue"). Tarn is an archaic English word meaning "mountain lake".


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