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'''Afteryule''' or '''Frery''' (in [[Bree]]) was the first month of [[the Shire]] calendar, thirty days immediately following the holiday of [[Yule]] (hence its name). It ran from modern 23 December to 21 January.<ref>{{App|Calendars}}</ref>
The name represents a [[Hobbitish|modernization]] of the [[Old English]] name for January, [[wiktionary:æfterra geola|æfterra ġēola]].<ref>{{webcite|articleurl=|articlename=The Shire month-names|author=[[Arden R. Smith]]|website=[ Mellonath Daeron - The Language Guild of the Forodrim]}}</ref>
Frery represents Old English ''frēorig'' meaning "freezing".<ref>[[Jim Allan]] (ed.) ''[[An Introduction to Elvish]]'', Giving of Names, p. 227</ref>

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