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'''Aglon''' ([[Sindarin]]: 'high walls') is the narrow [[mountain pass]] located between high walls, between [[Dorthonion]] to the west and [[Himring]] to the east. It was of strategic importance since it joined [[Himlad]] and [[Lothlann]], being an eastern passage from [[Angband]] to the main [[Beleriand]]. It was guarded by [[Celegorm]] and [[Curufin]] but during the [[Dagor Bragollach]] the Pass of Aglon was breached and the brothers fled to [[Nargothrond]]. Sometime later (around 469 of [[First Age|FA]]) [[Maedhros]] recovered it, but it was again left unguarded when he fled after the [[Nirnaeth Arnoediad]].
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As all of [[Beleriand]], it was destroyed in the [[War of Wrath]] at the end of the [[First Age]].

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