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Aikanár or Aikanáro, meaning Sharp-flame is the Sindarized version of [[Aegnor]]'s [[Quenya]] name.
'''Aikanáro''' (pron. [ˌa͡ɪkaˈnaːro]) is [[Aegnor]]'s original [[Amilessë|mother-name]], meaning "Fell Fire" in [[Quenya]]  
''[[aica]]'' = "fell, dire", ''[[nár (Quenya)|nár]]'' = "fire", and -o = pronominal suffix.
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Aikanáro (pron. [ˌa͡ɪkaˈnaːro]) is Aegnor's original mother-name, meaning "Fell Fire" in Quenya


aica = "fell, dire", nár = "fire", and -o = pronominal suffix.