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Biographical Information
BirthS.A. 712
ParentageTar-Meneldur and Almarian
SiblingsTar-Aldarion, Almiel
Physical Description
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Ailinel was the second child of Tar-Meneldur and Almarian of Númenor. Her elder brother was Aldarion, who later became King Tar-Aldarion, and her younger sister was Almiel. Ailinel wedded a noble named Orchaldor, a descendant of the House of Hador, and they had a son named Soronto.

Because her brother Tar-Aldarion had only one child—a daughter—he changed the law of succession so that his child could become a Ruling Queen. According to some readings of Númenor's complex laws of inheritance, if the law had not changed, Ailinel's son Soronto would have become Tar-Aldarion's heir. If history had been different, then, Ailinel would have been the foremother of the succeeding Kings of Númenor (though sources differ on the technicalities of this point).


Ailinel's name appears to incorporate the Quenya word for 'lake', ailin, and the feminine suffix -el.