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'''Aimênu''' is [[Khuzdul]] for "are upon you".
'''Aimênu''' or '''Ai-mênu''' is [[Khuzdul]] for "upon you".<ref>{{App|Other}}</ref>  ''Ai'' (short version of [[aya]]) meaning ''upon'', and ''menû'' meaning ''you'' in plural and object position.  
"[[Khazâd]] aimênu!"
* [[The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth]]
[[Category:Khuzdul words]]
[[Category:Khuzdul words]]

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Aimênu or Ai-mênu is Khuzdul for "upon you".[1] Ai (short version of aya) meaning upon, and menû meaning you in plural and object position.

"Khazâd aimênu!"

[edit] References

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