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'''Aina''' means "holy".
''aina'' (''ayanā'') means ""to hallow, bless, treat as holy"" in [[Quenya]].<ref name=Eldarin>{{PE|Eldarin}}, p. 149</ref>
Example: [[Ainur|Ainu]]: "Holy One"
*[[Sundocarme|Root]] [[AYA]]
* [[The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth]]
*[[Quenya]] ''[[ainur]]''
*[[Quenya]] ''[[aire]]''
[[Category:Quenya adjectives]]
[[Category:Quenya verbs]]

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aina (ayanā) means ""to hallow, bless, treat as holy"" in Quenya.[1]




  1. J.R.R. Tolkien, "Words, Phrases and Passages in Various Tongues in The Lord of the Rings: Eldarin Roots and Stems", in Parma Eldalamberon XVII (edited by Christopher Gilson), p. 149