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Ainulindalë (disambiguation)

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'''Ainulindalë''' was a work of [[Rúmil the Loremaster]] about the [[Ainulindalë (song)|Song of the Ainur]]. It can refer to:
'''Ainulindalë''' can refer to:
*the [[Ainulindalë (song)|Song of the Ainur]]
*the [[Ainulindalë (chapter)|First Chapter]] of the [[Silmarillion]].
*''[[Ainulindalë (song)]]'', the First [[Music of the Ainur]] which created the world.
* The [[Second Music of the Ainur]], which will re-create the world.
*''[[Ainulindalë (chapter)]]'', the first part of ''[[The Silmarillion]]''.
* ''[[The Music of the Ainur]]'', the first chapter of ''[[The Book of Lost Tales Part One]]''.
*''[[Ainulindalë (Morgoth's Ring)]]'', the first chapter of ''[[Morgoth's Ring]]''.
==Popular Media==
* [[Ainulindale (band)]], a French folk metal band.
** ''[[Ainulindale (song)]]'', a song by the French band.
* [[Ainulindale Ensemble]], an Italian orchestral jazz group.

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Ainulindalë can refer to:



Popular Media

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