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'''Aiya''' is [[Sindarin]] for ''behold'' or ''hail(!)''.[[Image:Tengwar Aiya.gif|right|150px]]
[[Image:Tengwar Aiya.gif|right|150px]]
''aiya'' (''aiya!'') or ''aia'' means "hail" in [[Quenya]]. In the [[legendarium]], it was only addressed to "great or holy persons", such as the [[Valar]], or to [[Eärendil]].<ref name=Eldarin>{{PE|Eldarin}}, p. 149</ref><ref name=TT>{{TT|Lair}}</ref><ref name=L297>{{L|297}}</ref> In [[J.R.R. Tolkien]]'s Quenya translation of ''[[Wikipedia:Hail Mary|Ave Maria]]'' (''Aia María''), the Latin word ''ave'' was first given the translated form ''aiya'', later changed to the form ''aia''.<ref>{{VT|43a}}, p. 28</ref>
* "''Aiya [[Eärendil the Mariner|Eärendil]] [[Elen]]ion [[Ancalima]]!''"
*[[Sundocarme|Root]] [[AYA]]<ref name=Eldarin/>
:'''Hail, Eärendil, brightest of stars'''
* "''Aiya [[Eärendil]] [[Elen]]ion [[Ancalima]]!''", "Hail, Eärendil, brightest of stars"<ref name=TT/><ref name=L297/>
*[[Quenya]] ''[[aina]]''
* [[The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth]]
*[[Quenya]] ''[[ainur]]''
*[[Quenya]] ''[[aire]]''
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[[Category:Quenya interjections]]
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[[Category:Quenya words]]

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Tengwar Aiya.gif

aiya (aiya!) or aia means "hail" in Quenya. In the legendarium, it was only addressed to "great or holy persons", such as the Valar, or to Eärendil.[1][2][3] In J.R.R. Tolkien's Quenya translation of Ave Maria (Aia María), the Latin word ave was first given the translated form aiya, later changed to the form aia.[4]





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