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[[Category:Rulers of Gondor]]
[[Category:Rulers of Gondor]]
[[Category:Quenya words]]
[[Category:Quenya words]]

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Aldamir, Quenya for "Tree-jewel" (alda = tree, mir = jewel) was the twenty-third King of Gondor (Castamir being counted the twenty-second).

He was the second son of King Eldacar and succeeded him in Third Age 1490 because his elder brother Ornendil was executed by Castamir.

His fifty year reign was marked with constant warfare with the Corsairs of Umbar (among them were the sons of Castamir) and the Haradrim.

In 1540 he was slain and was succeeded by his son Vinyarion, who ruled as Hyarmendacil II.

Preceded by:
23rd King of Gondor
III 1490 – 1540
Followed by:
Hyarmendacil II