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Allies of the King

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'''Book V - [[The Prince of Rohan]]'''
'''Book V - [[The Prince of Rohan]]'''
'''Book VI - [[Mists of Anduin]]'''
[[Category:The Lord of the Rings Online volumes]]
[[Category:The Lord of the Rings Online volumes]]

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Allies of the King books

Prologue: Messages from Lórien
Book I: Oath of the Rangers
Book II: Ride of the Grey Company
Book III: Echoes of the Dead
Book IV: Rise of Isengard
Book V: The Prince of Rohan
Book VI: Mists of Anduin
Book VII: A Fellowship Endangered
Book VIII: Into the Riddermark
Book IX: The Third Marshal
Book X: Snows of Wildermore
Book XI: The Golden Hall
Book XII: War in the Westemnet
Book XIII: The Battle of the Hornburg
Book XIV: The Waters of Isengard

Allies of the King is the third volume of the epic story of The Lord of the Rings Online. The Prologue and the first three books were published as part of The Lord of the Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood while book four and five were published as part of The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard.



Book I - Oath of the Rangers

Elrond received a mysterious message from Galadriel, telling him to gather the Rangers of the North and send them to Rohan to help Aragorn. The player is summoned to the Last Homely House and given a list of Rangers to recruit: Radanir, Candaith, Saeradan, Halros, Halbarad, Calenglad, Lothrandir, Corunir and Golodir.

Book II - Ride of the Grey Company

The Grey Company starts its journey south and arrives in Enedwaith. Halbarad has crafted fake copies of the Ring of Barahir, in order to buy Aragorn time, in case one of the Grey Company gets captured. In Enedwaith, they discover an old and confused Dwarf, Nár, father of Ollfardh and companion of Thrór. To everyone's amazement, he knows about the secret road the Company is planning to take.

Book III - Echoes of the Dead

While investigating who can be trusted and who can't, the Rangers receive word that there is a band of Oathbreakers from Erech in Enedwaith. An attempt to remind them of their Oath to Isildur fails horribly when Candaith is killed. Halbarad wants to lead the company on to Dunland, but as they leave Nár, the Dwarf reveals Saruman the White had a hand in these events all along.

Book IV - Rise of Isengard

Book V - The Prince of Rohan

Book VI - Mists of Anduin