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Physical Description
LocationBeside Belegaer, between the Calacirya and Araman
RealmsOlwë and his people
DescriptionSeaside city of pearl and mother-of-pearl
General Information
EtymologyQ. alqua "swan" + londë "harbor, haven"
EventsFirst Kinslaying

Alqualondë (Q, pron. [ˌalkʷaˈlonde]), the Swanhaven, was the chief city of the Falmari on the shores of Valinor. The city is said to be north and east of Tirion between the Calacirya and Araman in northern Eldamar.



The city was built in a natural harbour made of rock, and was also walled. Its entrance was a natural arch. Other than the great harbours it also housed the Tower of Olwë. The city was covered with the pearls the Elves had found in the sea and jewels which they obtained from the Noldor. The famed swanships with golden beaks and eyes of jet were moored here.[1]


The First Kinslaying

Alqualondë was built by the Falmari when they came to Aman. Its lord was Olwe.

When Feanor rebelled against the well of the Valar, he went to the shores of Aman seeking for a way to reach Middle-earth and demanded the use of the Telerin ships. The Teleri however refused and resisted when Feanor ordered the Noldor to take them by force. A battle broke out, the First Kinslaying, in which many Teleri were slain, for they were armed with mere hunting bows, against the fully armed Noldor. They also attempted to block the harbor. The battle was joined by Fingon and Fingolfin, only because they thought that the Teleri had attacked the Noldor.



Alqualondë means "Swanhaven" in Quenya (from alqua = "swan", londë = "harbor, haven").

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