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'''Amon''' is [[Sindarin]] for ''hill''; the plural is [[emyn]].
'''''amon''''' is a noun meaning "hill" or "steep-sided mount" in [[Sindarin]]; the plural is '''''emyn'''''.<ref>{{S|Appendix}}, ''amon''</ref> Compare with ''[[ambo]]'' in [[Quenya]].
* [[Amon Hen]] = "Hill of the Eye"
* [[Amon Rûdh]] = "Bald Hill"
* [[Weathertop|Amon Sûl]] = [[Weathertop]]
* [[Emyn Muil]] = "Drear Hills"
==External links==
* [[The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth]]
* [ Hiswelókë's Sindarin Dictionary] compiled by [[Didier Willis]]
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[[Category:Sindarin nouns]]

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amon is a noun meaning "hill" or "steep-sided mount" in Sindarin; the plural is emyn.[1] Compare with ambo in Quenya.

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