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Amon Hen

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The name Amon Hen refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Amon Hen (disambiguation).
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Amon Hen
Physical Description
LocationSouthern end of Nen Hithoel, west bank
Reunited Kingdom
DescriptionFortified (later ruined) hill
General Information
Other namesHill of Sight, Hill of the Eye
EtymologyS. amon "hill" + hen "eye"
EventsBreaking of the Fellowship
ReferencesThe Fellowship of the Ring

Amon Hen (Sindarin amon "hill" + hen "eye") was constructed in the early days of Gondor, perhaps even as early as the Second Age, its other names in Westron were The Hill of Sight and the Hill of the Eye. According to Aragorn, it and its counterpart hill were made ' the days of the great kings' (The Fellowship of the Ring II 9) but this is open to interpretation.

The hill towers above the western banks of the Anduin, and it is one of the three peaks at the southern end of the long lake Nen Hithoel above the Falls of Rauros, on the river Anduin. Other than Amon Hen, there were Amon Lhaw and Tol Brandir. The Seat of Seeing, Amon Lhaw, was built on the eastern bank, serving as a watchtower for the borders of Gondor.

The Company of the Ring passed by Amon Hen after having travelled down the Anduin, and it was here that the fellowship broke up as a result of Boromir's death, with Frodo and Sam crossing the river on their way east to Mordor. Frodo sat on the Seat of Seeing and immediately he was able to see telescopically for hundreds of miles in all directions because of its magical properties.[source?]

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