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Amrod and Amras, sons of Feanor by Jenny Dolfen.

Amrod, with his twin brother Amras, youngest of the seven Sons of Fëanor. He dwelt in the wide plains of East Beleriand and was known as a great hunter. He died during the attack made by the Sons of Fëanor on the havens at Sirion.

Amras' mother name was originally Ambarussa ("top-russet", referring to his hair), the same as his brother Amras, but Fëanor insisted that the twins ought to have different names and Nerdanel later called him Umbarto, "The Fated". His father, disturbed by it, changed it to Ambarto. Nevertheless both twins called each other Ambarussa.


              Fëanor = Nerdanel
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Maedhros    Maglor   Celegorm    Caranthir    Curufin     AMROD     Amras