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Biographical Information
BirthSometime during YOTT, Tirion
DeathFA 575 (aged 620+)
ParentageFëanor + Nerdanel
Physical Description
Hair colorDark red
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Amrod (rod = power) (Years of the TreesFirst Age 575), with his twin brother Amras, was the youngest of the seven Sons of Fëanor. He, like his brothers, participated in the Flight of the Noldor. He was deeply attached to his twin, and both called one another "Ambarussa" (see below). After his brother's death in the Ships of the Teleri at Losgar (according to the Shibboleth of Fëanor, he dared speak against his father, and was the last to do so.

"In the morning the host was mustered, but of Fëanor's seven sons only six were to be found. Then Ambarussa went pale with fear. 'Did you not then rouse Ambarussa my brother (whom you called Ambarto?' he said. 'He would not come ashore to sleep (he said) in discomfort.' But it is thought (and no doubt Fëanor had guessed this also) that it was in the mind of Ambarto to sail his ship back [?afterwards] and rejoin Nerdanel; for he had been much [?shocked] by the deed of his father. That ship I destroyed first,' said Fëanor (hiding his own dismay). 'Then rightly you gave the name to the youngest of your children,' said Ambarussa, 'And Umbarto "the Fated" was its true form. Fell and fey are you become.' And after that no one dared to speak again to Fëanor of this matter."
The Shibboleth of Fëanor

After Fëanor's death he dwelt in the wide plains of East Beleriand and was known as a great hunter. He died during the attack made by the Sons of Fëanor on the Havens of Sirion.


Amrod's father-name was Pityafinwë, or "Little Finwë", as he was the youngest of the House of Finwë (debatably; Tolkien wavered on this point). His mother-name was Ambarussa ("top-russet", referring to his hair). His twin Amras shared the same mother-name for a time (see Amras for further information). The name Amrod is the Sindarin version of the short form of Pityafinwë, Pityo.


           Finwë = Míriel
              Fëanor = Nerdanel
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