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An Extrapolation on The Silmarillion

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| isbn=0-905520-00-9
| isbn=0-905520-00-9
| publisher=[Liverpool]: [[The Tolkien Society]]
| publisher=[Liverpool]: [[The Tolkien Society]]
| date=[[1 December]]<ref>"1-12-75" is written on inside cover, according to an [ eBay description], as of 27 September 2010</ref> [[1975]]
| date=[[1 December]] [[1975]] <!-- According to an item description on eBay (; no longer available, last accessed 27 September 2010), "1-12-75" is written on inside cover. (comment by User:Morgan)  -->
| format=Paperback
| format=Paperback
| pages=[2], 35
| pages=[2], 35

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An Extrapolation on The Silmarillion: A Tolkien Society Publication
An Extrapolation on The Silmarillion.jpg
AuthorJim Allan
Publisher[Liverpool]: The Tolkien Society
Released1 December 1975
Pages[2], 35

An Extrapolation on The Silmarillion is a 1975 booklet on The Silmarillion, reprinting an article published in two parts in Mallorn 7 and Mallorn 8. The booklet was suppressed by The Tolkien Society because of poor editing. A revised edition was published in 1977 as A Speculation on The Silmarillion (Baltimore, Md.: T-K Graphics, 1977. [23] pp. 21 × 14 cm).