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General Information
LocationSplitting between Ered Gorgoroth and the Crissaegrim
DescriptionLong and narrow
InhabitantsOrcs of Morgoth, foul unknown beasts

Anach (from an = "long") was a long, narrow defile that ran down out of the highlands of Dorthonion, cutting southwest between the near-impassable mountains of the Crissaegrim and Ered Gorgoroth. Towards its southern end, where it opened into the land of Dimbar, were the springs of the River Mindeb.[1]

In the later years of the First Age, Dorthonion fell under Morgoth's control, and with it the Pass of Anach. His Orcs began to use it as a way down from the highlands, building a road through the valley to reach and harass the lands beyond.[2] Ultimately they succeeded in conquering not only Dimbar, but also the regions to the east that ran along the borders of Doriath.


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