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The Andrath was a defile between the Barrow-downs (to the west) and the South Downs (to the east) in Eriador. Through this narrow way just south of Bree passed the North-South Road (Greenway).[1]


When the Black Riders came up the Greenway in search of the One Ring the Black Captain established a camp at Andrath. From there he sent some Riders out to patrol while he visited the Barrow-downs.[2]


The Sindarin word Andrath was composed of the elements “and” + “rath”. And means “long”, from the root ÁNAD.[3] Rath means “street” in a number of examples (Rath Dínen, Rath Celerdain), but in the index of the Unfinished Tales it is defined as “climb”.[1] Its root is RAT-, meaning “walk”.[3]


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