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{{Edain infobox
| image=[[Image:Andrethfinished.png|250px]]
| image=[[File:Marya Filatova - Andreth-adaneth.jpg|250px]]
| name=Andreth
| name=Andreth
| othernames=''Saelind''
| othernames=''Saelind''
| titles=Wise-woman of the [[House of Bëor|Bëorians]]
| titles=Wise-woman of the [[House of Bëor|Bëorians]]
| position=
| position=
| realm=[[Ladros]]
| location=[[Ladros]]
| affiliation=
| affiliation=
| language=
| language=

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Marya Filatova - Andreth-adaneth.jpg
Biographical Information
Other namesSaelind
TitlesWise-woman of the Bëorians
BirthF.A. 361
HouseHouse of Bëor
SiblingsBregor & Beril
SpouseIn love with Aegnor (never married)
Physical Description
Hair colorDark
GalleryImages of Andreth

Andreth was wisewoman from the House of Bëor. She was called Saelind by the Elves, for she was wise in thought and learned in the lore of Men.[1]



Andreth was a daughter of Boromir and a sister to Bregor.[2]

In her youth, she dwelt in the house of her uncle, Belemir, where she had learned the lore of the House of Marach from his wife, the Wisewoman Adanel.

Andreth was deeply in love with Aegnor. During the Siege of Angband the Elf-lord saw young Andreth in the reflection of Aeluin and they fell in love with each other. However, he could not reciprocate her love since ,according to the law of the Eldar, no marriages could happen during times of war. It is said that because of her sake, he would not take any Elven bride. Both remained unwed and childless.

She grew in knowledge and understanding of lore and as she grew older she was respected as a wisewoman after Adanel.

She had a close friendship with Aegnor's brother, King Finrod Felagund, who often visited her during the Siege to converse with her wisdom on the matters of Elves and Men. One such conversation was written down and later known as Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth.[1]




Andreth is a Sindarin word for for "patience".[3] Her other name, Saelind, means "Wise-heart".[1]

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