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Anfalas, lies between the rivers Lefnui and Morthond, south of the Green Hills of Pinnath Gelin. It was not densely populated, as it is far from central Gondor and there were no cities. In the Third Age the Men of Gondor had traditions about the ancient Elven dwellings.[1]

During the War of the Ring, the people of the Anfalas were harassed at the coasts by the Corsairs of Umbar. Lord Golasgil led a long line of scantily equipped hunters and fishermen, and also his own household, to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.


The name means "Long Shore" in Sindarin (and + falas). It is also translated as Langstrand in archaic Englsh.

The name was contrasted with Thanfalas "Short Beach", another name of Belfalas (the shore-land from the mouths of Anduin to Dol Amroth)


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