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Physical Description
LocationSouth of Ered Engrin, west of Ered Luin, north of March of Maedhros
RealmsMorgoth from Angband
DescriptionAn enormous, dry, dusty plain once fertile
General Information
Other namesFormerly Ard-galen
EtymologyS. an- "with, by" + faug "thirsty, gasping" + lith "ash, sand, dust"
EventsDagor Bragollach
ReferencesOf the Ruin of Beleriand

Anfauglith was the charred desert to the north of Beleriand, created by the fires of Thangorodrim during the Dagor Bragollach ("Battle of Sudden Flame") in First Age 455. It was originally the green plain of Ard-galen.

Anfauglith means "By Gasping Dust" in Sindarin (from an- = "with, by", faug = "thirsty, gasping", and lith = "ash, sand, dust").