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Angamaitë (epessë)

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'''''Angamaitë''''' was [[Angrod]]'s [[Quenya]] [[epessë]], from ''[[anga]]'' "iron" and ''[[maitë]]'' "hand".  This was later [[Sindarinized]] into ''Angrod''.
'''''Angamaitë''''' was [[Angrod]]'s [[Quenya]] [[epessë]], from ''[[anga]]'' "iron" and ''[[maitë]]'' "hand".<ref>{{PM|Shibboleth}}, ''The names of Finwë's descendants''</ref> This was later [[Sindarinized]] into ''Angrod''.
[[fi:Angamaitë (haltia)]]
[[fi:Angamaitë (haltia)]]

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Angamaitë was Angrod's Quenya epessë, from anga "iron" and maitë "hand".[1] This was later Sindarinized into Angrod.


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