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Anja Hegemann

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Cover of Anja Hegemann’s German translation of Mr. Bliss.

Anja Hegemann (also known as Anja Bertsch-Hegemann) (born 1920) is a German translator and poetess.

Anja Hegemann was born in Munich and grew up in Cologne. In 1945 she began to study studies of languages and since 1949 she worked as a secretary for a journalist. In 1954 she gave up her job and began to work as a freelance author when she got a literary scholarship. Later she lived again in Cologne where she translated books by authors like John Lodwick, Albert Lamorisse and Anwar El Sadat into German. In 1972 her poetic anthology Atemzeit was published.

Anja Hegemann translated J. R. R. Tolkien’s works Mr. Bliss (Herr Glück, 1983) and The Father Christmas Letters (Die Briefe vom Weihnachstmann, 1976; Briefe vom Weihnachtsmann (revised edition), 2005) into German.