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Calmacil (Second Age 2516 – 2825, aged 309 years) was the son of Tar-Alcarin, King of Númenor, and a great warrior of his nation. He was a ardent member of the King's Men and during his time the Númenóreans became increasingly hardened against the will of the Valar. Calmacil took up the Sceptre as Tar-Calmacil, a Quenya name like all his forefathers, but he changed his name to Ar-Belzagar, his native Adûnaic tongue. His successors also chose Adûnaic names, further driving the kingdom away from the Valar.

Both Calmacil and Belzagar mean "Sword of Light", a reference to his warlike youth.

Preceded by:
18th King of Númenor
II 2737 – 2825
Followed by: