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[[Category:Rulers of Númenor]]
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Ar-Gimilzôr (Second Age 2960 – 3177, aged 217 years) was the twenty-third King of Númenor, the grandfather of Ar-Pharazôn, the last King. He was an enemy of the Faithful, and persecuted them during his reign. Inziladûn, his elder son, was yet one of the Elf-friends, whereas his second son Gimilkhâd was close to his father. But Ar-Gimilzôr couldn't change the laws of Númenor, and he was succeeded by Inziladûn, who took the Quenya name of Tar-Palantir.

Had Ar-Gimilzôr taken a Quenya name, he would have ruled as Tar-Telemnar.

Preceded by:
23rd King of Númenor
II 3102 – 3177
Followed by: