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[[Category:Sindarin names]]
[[Category:Sindarin names]]

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Template:Royalty infobox Aragost (T.A. 2431 - T.A. 2588) was the eighth Chieftain of the Dúnedain, succeeding his father, Arahad I, when he died in Third Age 2523.


As far as we know, Aragost's rule was uneventful due to the enemy's forces being concentrated in Gondor and Rhovanion. Aragost died in 2588 - after having ruled for 65 years - and was followed by his son, Aravorn


Arahad I
Arahad II


There are two possible etymologies for Aragost's name:

  1. Sindarin for "Lord of the Fortress", from the prefix ara- meaning "lord, royal", and ost meaning "fortress".
  2. Sindarin for "Royal Dread", from the prefix ara- meaning "royal", and gost meaning "dread".
Preceded by:
Arahad I
8th Chieftain of the Dúnedain
III 2523 - 2588
Followed by: