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Arahad II

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Template:Royalty infobox Arahad II (Third Age 2563 - Third Age 2719, died aged 156) was the tenth Chieftain of the Dúnedain, following his father, Aravorn, when he died in Third Age 2654.


During his rule, the hobbits of the Shire flourished under the protection of the Rangers, with Tobold Hornblower planting the first pipe-weed in the Southfarthing, and the tenth Thain, Isengrim Took II, started digging the Great Smials.

Arahad died in 2719, after having ruled for 65 years, and was followed by his son, Arassuil.


The etymology of Arahad's name is uncertain, but it likely he was named after his great-grandfather, Arahad I. For a discussion on the meaning of the name, see Arahad I - Etymology.


Preceded by:
10th Chieftain of the Dúnedain
III 2654 - 2719
Followed by: