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Archet was the most remote of the settlements of the Bree-land, set among the trees on the edge of the Chetwood, somewhat to the east of Bree itself.[1] A few hobbits lived there, but the inhabitants were predominantly Big Folk.

When the hobbits and Gandalf returned to Bree after their journey south, Barliman Butterbur told them of the fight within Bree in which some Bree-landers were killed. After the fight the robbers took to hiding in the woods beyond Archet.[2]


Archet means "wood edge" or "High-wood". Chet is a British word meaning "Forest, wood", related to Celtic. British ard means "high"

Portrayals in Adaptations

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Archet is the settlement players start at if they are the race of Man. During the introduction of the Shadows of Angmar it comes under attack by Blackwold brigands who burn many of the homes to the ground. The settlement is commanded by Captain Brackenbrook.


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