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Arda Marred

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[[Arda]] Marred (''Arda Hastaina'' in [[Quenya]]) is a term referring to the world as it now is, stained by the evil of [[Melkor]]. The Discords of Melkor in the [[Music of the Ainur]], and especially his later actions upon Earth, have caused evil and suffering that were not part of the original plan of [[Eä]], according to the [[Elves]]. Melkor's very essence seeped into the fabric of Arda, so that nothing in it, and nothing that is sustained by it, is free from the Marring. This is why the [[Free Peoples]] of Arda can be deceived and enticed to evil.
There are rumors that [[Eru]] will come to the Arda and amend the Marring himself, and that a new world will one day be made: Arda Healed (''Arda Envinyanta''); but no one in Arda, possibly not even the [[Valar]], knows this for sure.

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