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Arod was a light horse of Rohan. After the loss of his original rider in the skirmish outside Fangorn, Arod was given to Legolas by Éomer,[1] and he served his new rider faithfully throughout the War of the Ring (at the Paths of the Dead Legolas was able to calm the beast so that it would enter the Dark Door).[2] For much of this time, Arod carried two riders, since Legolas was often accompanied by his friend Gimli.


In Old English which represents Rohirrim, the name means simply 'swift'.

By coincidence, there is also a Sindarin word arod meaning "noble"[3].

Portrayal in adaptations

In The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Return of the King, Arod is played by a white stallion named Percy. According to Orlando Bloom, it was the friendliest horse on the set.


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