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Arveleg I

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Template:Royalty infobox Arveleg I (T.A. 1309 - 1409, died aged 100) was the eighth king of Arthedain, succeeding his father, Argeleb I, in 1356 when he was killed by evil men from Rhudaur.



With the help of Cardolan and Lindon, Arveleg avenged the death of his father by driving back the forces of Angmar from the Weather Hills. After that there was a short peace in Arthedain with Arthedain and Cardolan keeping a watchful guard along the Great East Road, the lower Hoarwell and the Weather Hills. It was during that time that Rivendell was besieged by the Witch-king's forces.

In 1409 a great host came out of Angmar, crossing the river to enter and ravage Cardolan and to surround Weathertop. In this battle the tower of Amon Sûl was destroyed, the Dúnedain were defeated, and Arveleg was slain. Luckily, in the retreat to Fornost the palantír was saved.

Arveleg ruled for fifty-three years and was succeeded by his 18 year old son, Araphor, upon his death in 1409.


Arveleg's name is Sindarin for "Mighty King" from ar meaning "royal", and beleg (becoming lenited to veleg) meaning "mighty, strong".

Portrayal in adaptations

The events surrounding Arveleg play a major role in Electronic Arts' video game The Rise of the Witch-king. He is voiced by Cam Clarke.


Argeleb I
Arveleg I


Preceded by:
Argeleb I
8th King of Arthedain
III 1356 - 1409
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