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Arveleg I

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Arveleg I ('Mighty King') was the son of King Argeleb I of Arthedain.

He came to the throne in 1356 at the death of his father by the hands of men of Rhudaur.

Arveleg avenged the death of his father, driving back the Orcs and men of Angmar with the help of Cardolan and Lindon.

Arthedain and Cardolan] kept a watchful guard at the line of the Weather Hills around Weathertop, the Great East Road, and the lower reaches of the river Hoarwell. During this time Rivendell was besieged by Angmar.

Arveleg was killed in 1409 T.A., when a great host from Angmar suddenly broke the lines, overrunning Cardolan and destroying the fortress at Weathertop. Arveleg was slain but the palantír of Weathertop was saved.

Rhudaur was fully emptied of Númenórean blood, and became a fief of Angmar. Cardolan was ravaged.

Arveleg was succeeded by his not yet full-grown son Araphor.

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